LPL Rebrand


Riot Games China




Motion Design & Animation, Editing


Branding and Broadcast assets created for Riot Game China's top-tier professional league for League of Legends.

The strategy "Crazy Is Our Game" was based around the league's style of play, and the design and motion was made to reflect that.
We created two motion behaviours from this, Tension and Eruption, to be able to flex between calm and sophisticated moments to those that are hyper-energetic and loud.

I led the motion for this project, delivering motion behaviours for the brand, creating and overseeing the delivery of broadcast assets, as well as editing together the brand film.


_VS Screen


_Lower Third

_Lower Third


_Gradient Behaviours




Motion: Charlie Keeper
Creative Director: Elise Santangelo-Rous
Design Director: Chrys Naselos
Project Manager: Bianca Kehoe

Motion Director: Vitor Cervi
Senior Designer: Chris van Niekerk
Designer: Tomas Gecim
Strategy: Pamm Hong

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